The beginning of SellPhone - 2015

In 2015 SellPhone identified a need in the new and used cell phone market to provide an affordable, safe and secure method for customers to sell their unwanted phones. Smart Phones have change the way people in South Africa use their phones on a daily basis. Phones are no longer just for sending SMS text messages from Johannesburg to Cape Town or calls from Pretoria to Durban. They have now changed who we can speak to and when using a range of highly sophisticated apps. 

SellPhone has gone about creating a website that meets the needs of those users. You now no longer have to be concerned about safely collecting and paying for a phone from an unknown seller, you can simply use PayPal for secure transactions and use our affordable PostNet to PostNet collection service, where you will be able to collect your new preloved phone at a time that suits you. 

In order to for you to benefit as one of the first 1000 people to make use of we are offering all those who join a R250 joining credit on your account. 

So what can you get with your joining credit? 

The joining credit allows you to pay any phone commission or listing fees. Any free credit is applied against site fees only and cannot get redeemed for cash under any circumstances. 

Looking for additional free credit?

In order to receive another R250 free credit for site fees simply sign up to PayPal, Contact Us and let us know you have signed up to PayPal and we will credit your account for the additional R250. Its that simple! 

Why are we offering this additional free credit for PayPal?

At SellPhone we believe that the safety of our customers is extremely important. We believe that PayPal with its buyer and seller protection truly offers this to our customers. So we are willing to give this additional credit just to keep you safe. Although some customers my prefer cash or EFT transactions, we still feel that PayPal will provide you with the peace of mind that is required when parting with your loved possessions. Our recommendation is ALWAYS be safe - USE PAYPAL!